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Stains from grass, painting, food and drink require a well-stocked laundry room to take care of, and Sears has you covered. Depending on the amount of laundry you have to handle each week, you will want either a soft laundry bag, laundry basket, or wheeled laundry cart for small medium and large amounts, respectively. Drying racks let you go green by saving money on electricity, and they fold away for storage to save floor space when not in use. For special-care garments like sweaters, you'll find large mesh wash bags which protect your clothes in the washing machine. For any specialty laundry item, Sears is the place to shop.

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Find specialized laundry items like laundry drying racks, carts, bags and more

If you rely on a laundromat or drop-off service instead of an in-home washer and dryer, you'll want to use a laundry bag instead of a rigid laundry basket. The light weight and flexible shape of a laundry bag makes it easier to transport if you have to walk a significant distance to do your laundry. Honey-Can-Do offers both cotton and synthetic mesh laundry bags. Both of these options feature a heavy-duty drawstring closure, and both can also go right into the wash with the rest of your laundry if they get dirty.

As energy costs continue to rise, many people are ditching their dryers in favor of air-drying methods. If you don't want to bother with clothes lines and the possibility of losing clothing to a sudden wind or rainstorm, another option is to dry your clothes indoors. Here you'll find a large selection of folding drying racks in all sizes so you can the pick the one that's a good fit for your laundry room. In terms of sheer space, it's tough to beat the Moerman Laundry Solutions Y-Airer Indoor Folding Clothes Drying Rack. This metal rack boasts an impressive 79 linear feet of drying space, yet folds up compact enough to slide behind your washing machine or under a couch. If you prefer a more natural look, you may like the warm wood grain tones of the Household Essentials Folding Clothes Drying Rack. Made with naturally sustainable bamboo, this elegant drying rack will look right at home next to the rest of your wood furniture.

There's no need to break out the full laundry rack or run the dryer if you are just washing one or two articles of clothing. A few wet shirts or pairs of underwear can be hung up on adhesive-backed wall hooks to dry.

For especially stubborn stains like grass stains or dried blood, some hand washing is required to keep them from settling into the cloth. This is where a laundry room sink can come in handy. These specialty sinks are built with steep sides to prevent fluids from splashing out during vigorous scrubbing, and they are made with specialty plastics that are easy to rinse clean. If you anticipate having to hand wash lots of clothes, like say, after a Little League match, the Masco Bath 102005 Heavy-Duty Utility Sink is a good choice. The 20-gallon capacity is perfect for scrubbing and soaking large amounts of clothes.


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