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Keep valuables and travel documents by your side with carry on luggage bags.

Carry on luggage bags are the lightest and handiest type of travel bags. They are designed to fit neatly under a seat, or into a small overhead compartment on a plane or a train. They are generally lightweight so they can be easily lifted overhead or maneuvered through a crowded airport, but the best brands do not sacrifice durability for light weight. Many carry on bags include multiple pockets and sleeves for documents like passports, permits, schedules and emergency cash. This can really come in handy when you're hurrying through checkpoints to make a rushed transfer.

The mode of travel and the seating section you've selected will determine the size of carry on luggage bag you want. If you're traveling by bus or train, you'll generally have more space available. The same holds true if you're flying first class. In these cases, try a larger bag like the American Tourister Smart 29" Spinner. This generously sized bag is built with multiple compartments for different types of clothing, as well as internal straps to keep folded shirts and pants from shifting around inside. If you're flying coach on the other hand, space is at a premium. You'll want to avoid the hassle of running out of storage space with a smaller carry on bag like the Ricardo Beverly Hills Venice Lite 17" Universal Wheel.

Many airlines allow you to take an additional smaller bag with you when you board, provided the bag is attached to your body. Both messenger bags and adult backpacks offer a handy off-the-shoulder option to store a few extra items which might not fit in your carry on luggage. When worn, these bags become truly hands-free, a real plus when pulling heavier wheeled luggage through a bus station or airport terminal. These types of bags come with handles as well as shoulder straps, making them easy to maneuver in a crowded airplane cabin or train aisle. When you reach your seat, you can easily access a book, music player or snack from the messenger bag in your lap.

Travel can be stressful, so soothe away some of that stress by keeping valuables close with caryr on luggage bags from Sears.


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