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Spinners luggage makes it easy to move in any direction with a heavy load

No luggage set is complete without a handy spinner suitcase to complement it. These versatile bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors so you can find the one that's right for you.

Before you buy a spinner suitcase, you'll first need to figure out the size of suitcase you need. Smaller models maneuver easily through crowds, and weigh less, making it easier to haul the up and down stairs. The Ricardo Beverly Hills Crystal City 17" spinner is the prefect size to hold a change of clothes for a weekend trip, while being compact enough to fit under a typical airplane seat.

Longer trips may require you to bring more items, which is where large spinners shine. The American Tourister Smart 29" Spinner can hold a week' worth of shirts, pants, socks and underwear for a week if you pack it correctly, with room left over for toiletries and hygiene accessories. Even so, it's still small enough to fit into an airplane overhead compartment.

Getting your luggage lost or mixed up is an all too common experience for frequent travelers. Avoid wasting time at the carousel by picking out a brightly colored spinner suitcase. Not only does colorful luggage stand out from the others, it also allows you to express your sense of style. The Heys USA line of brightly colored spinner suitcases covering a spectrum of colors. Take your pick of attractive colors ranging from midnight blue to bright red .

You'll want to complement your spinner with other types of travel bags, and upright suitcases are a good place to start. All upright suitcases have wheels, but some are inline wheels rather than multidirectional like those found on spinners. There are pluses and minuses to both types of wheel; inline wheels roll more smoothly and are more durable, while spinning wheels are more maneuverable and convenient. You can choose the type that feels most comfortable to use.


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