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Spruce up your kitchen, hallway or any room in your home with accent rugs from Sears

Whether you're an old hand or a complete beginner at interior design, accent rugs will be an important part of your home decorating project, especially if your space has hardwood or concrete floors. Without an area rug or other type of floor covering, your floors may look too bare, and your room won't be as inviting. An accent rug can be so design-focused that it becomes the focal point of a room, or it can be strictly functional and complement other more important design elements like artwork or wallpaper. A rug can add texture, color and a pattern to your decor, or it can be quite simple.

A wood floor without an accent rug is like a bedside table without picture frames; a rug warms up and personalizes a room. Whether it's a contemporary rug, funky shag rug or an Oriental-style carpet with an ornate pattern, you'll be able to find a floor covering to complement your furnishings perfectly. While rugs used to be constructed almost strictly of wool, today there are numerous alternatives when it comes to materials. At Sears, you'll find everything from doormats to large Persian style rugs in a variety of colors, patterns and textures.

Like statues, vases and floor plants, a rug can lend texture to any room and provide a great way to reflect your sense of style. While large area rugs may get a lot of attention, small rugs can pack a lot of punch. A tile rug or kitchen accent rug can add a pop of color to your room without serving as a major design element. You'll want to consider the dimensions of your room, the quality of the floor underneath and the furnishings you plan to place in the room as you browse for the right floor covering. If your furniture features a pattern, a solid rug might be in order. On the flip side, if your furnishings are simpler, you can make your rug the centerpiece of the room by choosing something with bright colors or a pattern.

Placing an accent rug on tile or hardwood is a great way to warm up a floor, both visually and to the touch, but a rug may have some trouble staying in place on a slick surface. A rug that slides around when people walk on it can be a safety hazard as well as an eyesore, so be sure to keep it in place with a rug pad. Rug pads can be quite flat and simply grip the floor, or they can provide additional padding to your floor rug. The latter is especially nice for family rooms, toy rooms or other spaces where friends and family may sit on the floor when the occasion calls for it.

As you consider your space and the various elements that are important to you, browsing for floor coverings is sure to be a fun part of your home decorating project. Look to Sears for a wide variety of accent rugs and accessories to meet your design needs.


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