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Secure Your Carpets With Rug Pads From Sears

Create stylish, layered looks in your home by getting rug pads from Sears. These pads are great for placing rugs on carpet, tile or wood flooring. The rug pads keep your mats in place without bunching or sliding around.

Surya offers felt and rubber rug pads to keep your carpets in place. The felt backing absorbs much of the foot traffic that your rugs receive while providing a comfortable surface to walk on. The rubber underneath keeps the rug from sliding around on smooth flooring. Prevent tripping hazards with these rubber rug pads that have high friction surfaces.

Choose from many different types of rug pads from Safavieh. They offer durable rug pads for hard flooring and carpet. The ultra-grip pads contain rubber materials that will not scratch or damage your flooring. Get extra cushioning from their versatile rug pads that work well on any floor type.

To get more decoration out of your rugs, check out Sears' selection of contemporary rug pads. Choose popular designs and colors to match your decor with contemporary themes. Some rugs come with rubber backings to prevent bunching and overturned corners.

If you prefer decorating in classic styles, view Sears' collection of traditional rug pads. They have a variety of designs to choose from that incorporate vines and Victorian themes. These neutral colors will match the decor in any home.

Expand your decorating options by getting rug pads from Sears. Shop Sears today to get high friction surfaces that add comfort and safety to your decorative rugs.


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