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Rug Runners

There are slippery areas in nearly every home. That glossy tile hallway or shiny wooden staircase can quickly turn one missed step into a slip and fall. When you can't cover these areas with something like carpet tiles, rug runners may be the perfect solution for you. Whether you're covering up an interior hardwood floor or an exterior patio or deck surface, you can find runner rugs in varying lengths and designs at Sears. Rug runners for hallways can provide stylish accents for your floors and help prevent stubbed toes and turned ankles on slippery household surfaces.

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Cover your household stairs and hallways with rug runners from Sears

There are a few areas in every home that have the highest amount of foot traffic. It might be that staircase by the front entrance, the alley in front of your kitchen countertop or that spot right by the sliding glass door. Rug runners are the perfect accessory for these high traffic areas, because they deliver increased traction and walking stability to reduce the chance of a slip and fall. A stylish rug runner can also give your high traffic areas the look and feel you want. Get a sports-themed rug for the gaming spot in the basement, or add an outdoor rug by the screen door for the back porch to prevent tracking in dirt and mud. Make that slippery hardwood hallway a lot safer, or bring style and function to your living spaces with rug runners.

The first thing you'll want to consider when shopping for a rug runner is whether it's for the inside or outside of your home, which is why Sears has a wide selection for both options. Outdoor runner rugs can be used in a variety of ways; they can easily be placed on porches, patios and exterior walkways to provide decoration and a little extra grip in those areas that need it. When placed properly, outside rug runners and other outdoor rugs can help prevent people from tracking dirty footprints inside your home.

If you've decided you need interior rug runners for your home, then you can choose from various designs that match your decor. Depending on your sense of style, you can decorate your home with traditional or contemporary prints and patterns. Sears carries items like wool rug runners with traditional patterns that are perfect for dining rooms. If your kitchen has a more contemporary feel, you can shop rug runners for the kitchen and other kitchen rugs that match your aesthetic. Whatever your personal taste, you can find a rug runner that suits your sensibilities.

Style is important, but safety is paramount. When you've identified those high-traffic areas in your home where slipping often occurs, you can drop a rug runner or non-slip rug pad to help put your mind at ease. Items like rug runners for stairs can quickly turn a hardwood staircase from a slippery danger zone into a soft and sturdy stairway. Just because a rug is safe, doesn't mean it lacks style. At Sears, it's easy to find a rug runner with a gorgeous design on top and no-slip grips on the bottom.

Every home has certain areas of where foot traffic is heaviest. Get rid of messy footprints by the screen door, help prevent slipping in high-traffic areas or simply add some style to your interior design when you shop Sears for rug runners.


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