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Personalize your space with eye-catching dorm room supplies

Going back to campus is both exciting and stressful. It takes a while to learn to juggle freedoms with responsibilities. However, you also get the enjoyment of decorating your personal space with a variety of attractive dorm room supplies. At Sears, you'll find everything from bedding to decor items that brighten up every corner of your dorm.

The dorms on most campuses follow similar patterns, often including one or two beds, desks, chairs and perhaps some shelves or a closet. Though at first glance it seems basic, you can use this framework to create a room that is both beautiful and comfortable. Add a personal touch with a few small bedroom furniture pieces of your own, and then start decorating. Sears stocks stylish bedding sets in designs that appeal to both young women and young men. Choose colors that reflect your personality and transform your simple dorm space into something unique. Coordinating sheets and accent pillows add a splash of color while sturdy throw rugs soften up hard floors. With these accessories, your room will begin to look brighter in no time.

Arranging decor and accessories in your dorm is a matter of personal taste, and it means maximizing the space that you are given. Any additional furniture should be incorporated carefully to avoid overcrowding. However, you may want to consider adding extra bedroom seating to give your friends a place to lounge when they come by to visit or study. Lumisource offers plush saucer-style chairs that look great in any dorm. At Home Furnishings produces a variety of eye-catching upholstery designs. If you prefer something more basic, check out Baxton's modern chairs with metal bases. In rooms where space is at a premium, consider adding bean bag chairs or lounge pillows with arm rests instead. These modern seating solutions are just as comfortable as regular chairs, but they take up much less space.

Once you have taken care of the overall design of your dorm, it is time to add a few finishing touches. Artwork, posters, clocks and other bedroom accessories give the room a homey feeling. A set of risers can create a useful storage area under the bed, helping to make the most of the space you have. Choose a few handy storage bins to organize your books, papers and files, and there will be less clutter to deal with over the course of the semester.

Making your dorm room comfortable can help ease the stress of the coming year. A unique personalized space lets you relax as you study and complete assignments. The more you are able to claim your dorm as your own, the cozier you will be. When you are ready to head off to campus and transform your room from plain to perfect, check out the dorm room supplies that Sears has to offer.