Fun things to do with your electric multi-tools

Many a handyman has rejoiced at the ease with which he can now sand, saw and drill his way through home repairs. These tools are so versatile that they can be used for a wide variety of home uses. You can polish, sand, carve and engrave your way through hobby projects and other fun activities with ease. In fact, many craft bloggers tout the wonders of electric multi-tools for anything from Christmas presents to nursery décor. With an electrical multi-tool, your projects are only limited by your imagination.

This is perhaps the most common non-handyman use for the multi-tool. Electric capabilities allow the tool to fit into small spaces, perfect for assembling and crafting dollhouse and train set-ups. Many are even battery-operated, which means you don't have to deal with a long electrical cord or noisy compressor. In addition, the many attachments for your electric multi-tool allow you to bring only one item to your work table. When you are assembling a complicated train layout or furnishing a multi-room dollhouse, you need all the workspace you can get.

Carving projects

With sanding and routing capabilities, the electric multi-tool lends itself well to small woodworking projects. It is fun to make little light boxes, home decor signs and carved figurines. However, you can use your multi-tool for even more unique projects, like pumpkin carving. What used to be done with jagged old kitchen knives has now become a precision sport. An electric multi-tool allows you to make precise cuts and carve your pumpkin layer by layer.


With a precision tool like an electric multi-tool, you can work on metal projects as well. The best electric multi-tool for these projects is one with attachments that allow you to drill, etch and engrave into metal. You may have to buy the attachments separately, since they are a specialty item, but it will be well worth the cost. You can do simple projects like engraved jewelry, or you can use your multi-tool to drill into metal sheeting to make creative outdoor lanterns. If detail work isn't your strong suit, use your tool to make a mason jar chandelier; just one simple hole in the jar lid will let you string a light bulb through for an industrial-yet-rustic effect.

Miscellaneous cleaning and maintenance

One of the most beloved unusual uses for your electric multi-tool is a personal pet nail salon. That's right; you can use your multi-tool to file down your dog's nails. While a filing attachment might seem like a frivolous expense, it is an easy and humane way to cut your dog's nails, and it will save you plenty of grooming fees in the long run. If more mundane tasks fit your interests, an electric multi-tool is great for detailed cleaning of your golf clubs. Let your multi-tool do all the scrubbing!

You may have purchased your multi-tool to do handyman projects, but it is a versatile machine. Shop at Sears to find the perfect electric multi-tool, and all the attachments for any project that fits your imagination!

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