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Fireplace accessories keep the flames alive to promote a warm environment

A fireplace turns your home into an inviting environment where family and guests gather, and Sears makes it easy to maintain that warm ambiance. Find all the tools and accessories you need to promote a safe, clean and soothing fireplace for your home.

Whether you use an electric, gas or traditional fireplace, Sears has the right type of kindling to keep the flames alive. Battery-operated remote controls provide one-touch access to your electric heaters that mimic the effects of a real fire. Clean-burning gel fuel multi-packs protect the environment by producing real flames without the soot, ash and mess, while ceramic gas logs and burner sets are available for setting up your own natural-gas fireplace to eliminate traditional hassles. On the other hand, if you love the sounds, smells and sensations created by authentic fireplaces, pick up some pine fire-starter logs. These traditional fire-starters are conveniently available in bulk sizes that ship directly to your home.

Sears has the right tools keep your traditional fireplace going longer, stronger and cleaner. Pick up a stylish stand and tool set, which includes matching tong scissors, brooms, shovels and pokers with durable construction and ergonomic handles. Sleek steel or brass instruments go well with modern marble fireplaces, while tools with antique finishes complement brick and stone fireplace settings with a classic appeal. Bellows and chimney brushes help you manage the flames and keep your chimney clean. Log racks and carriers provide organization and convenience for your traditional fire-starter logs. For electric fireplaces, hearth accessories enhance your setting and create decorative storage solutions for your tools. Choose a style that complements your interior decor with shades like light oak, dark oak and cherry.

Improve the efficiency of your fireplace with barometric dampers, chimney exhaust fans and filter systems. These devices help control the air flow on any fireplace type to eliminate draft, smoke and odor problems. Filter systems for electric units are simple to install and feature scent pads to improve the overall experience. Cut down your gas, electric and heating bills with these innovative accessories for your fireplace.

Family members gather around the fireplace for the warmth and glow of the flames, so enhance the experience with hearth and mantel decor. Fireplace screens are available in glass or metal with decorative designs. These screens make your fireplace safer for children and pets while embellishing the setting. Line the hearth with a colorful fireplace rug to accent your home. Wall brackets are easy to install and feature multiple hooks for hanging fireplace tools or seasonal decorations.

Your fireplace creates an intimate environment for family and guests to enjoy, so maintaining it is an important part of keeping traditions alive. Find all the fireplace accessories you need at Sears to provide a safe, clean and warm atmosphere in your home.


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