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Designing your bedroom can start with bed frames

Designing your bedroom can start with your bed frames, even if they are not visible. Sears has hundreds of bed frames for you to consider. Many will not remain visible, but their structure can be very important to your mattress support and ultimately your comfort. Other styles are very visible and will be the cornerstone of your bedroom design scheme.

Some of the bed frames you will see at Sears will remain hidden from view, underneath the mattress. There are still hundreds to choose from, including metal and wooden frames. Some metal frames feature additional support for extra heavy loads above the frame. It is a good idea to consider the weight a mattress set and occupants will put upon the frame so that you do get the frame that is best suited for your needs. While you are looking at bed frames, check out our bedroom mirrors. Mirrors come in many styles also, and they are a great way to help make a smaller space appear larger. If you have a large bed in the room, mirrors can help offset the feel of reduced space.

Wooden bed frames for daybeds include arms and backs, so they can also be used as a sofa during the day. Our wood bed frames can become a focal point of a bedroom, so this creates an opportunity for you to design the entire room around that wood or metal structure. If there is a high headboard and footboard, this is all the more reason for you to let the wood of the bed frame take the lead for your design plans. Match the bed frame up with other furniture in the room, such as chests and mirrors. We stock a good selection of chests at Sears, so it is easy to find one to match to a bed frame. Choose a natural wood finished chest or a painted one. Chests are another point of interest in a bedroom, and they can hold a large amount of clothing, in addition to giving you surface space for a clock, lamp or television set. For smaller rooms, chests are a space-saving alternative to larger dressers.

Use nightstands even with the boldest bed frames, like the cedar log-style handcrafted ones made by Eco-Friendly Furnishings. Our elegant four post bed sets by Hillsdale also will look best when accompanied on each side by a coordinating set of nightstands. If you have a South Shore Amesbury Twin Captain Collection bookcase headboard, the nightstands look like a natural extension of that piece. They also match up with wooden storage units that fit under the bed.

Bed frames can be the center of interest in your bedrooms, and you can match up coordinating styles of chest and nightstands with them to complete a design scheme. We have a huge variety of bed frames at Sears, including decorative metal and wood headboards with footboards. Find the one that suits your taste at Sears. We can deliver all your furniture and accessory choices to your home or business, or you can come to the store if you prefer to pick up orders.


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