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Choose sturdy bedframes and enjoy a good night's rest

In order to get the best sleep possible, you want a bed that's both comfortable and sturdy. Beds that sag or wobble can interrupt sleep and leave you feeling tired in the morning. The selection of bedframes available at Sears gives you many choices when it comes to bed size, frame construction and the materials used. Choose the frame that best fits your bedroom and your lifestyle to ensure that you get proper rest every night.

The most basic bedframes feature a rectangular shape with or without included supports. AT HOME by O offers several different styles of these simple frames in multiple sizes. Some are made with metal rods while others rest on wide panels of metal or wood. Separate support systems are available to improve stability if necessary. Adjustable beds cater to those who have trouble sleeping in the traditional reclined position. Metal frames with mesh supports for mattresses adjust manually to provide a more comfortable sleeping posture. Partially and fully electric beds are easier to operate with the included controls. Available in the same standard sizes as regular bedframes, adjustable models provide relief from acid reflux, body aches and more.

Platform beds offer sophisticated style for contemporary homes. The frames for these beds are wider and higher than those for standard models. Sets of strong steel legs elevate the platform more than a foot off the ground, offering a unique sleeping experience. Choosing a platform bedframe introduces fresh style to your bedroom as well. The refined design looks beautiful when adorned with one of the many warm-weather bedding packages that Sears has to offer. Sheetsnthings, Highland Feather and other brands offer soft, eye-catching bedding that pairs perfectly with your chosen bedframe and mattress set. Try basic blocks and stripes for a modern look, or go retro with classic floral prints.

Choosing a bedframe for your child's room requires special care. Size is the most important consideration, with twin being a common choice for both kids and teens. However, for children who are first transitioning to a "big kid" bed, it's a good idea to invest in rails from Primo and Regalo. These mount to the sides of the frame and keep children safe as they sleep. You can add flair to the room with themed rails that feature favorite movie characters. Complete your child's bedroom design with appropriate bedroom seating that offers both comfort and style. Kids love big plush chairs while teens may prefer something more sleek and modern, such as the metal frame chairs from Baxton. Choose a chair with a frame that matches the bed for a balanced style.

Staying rested gives you the energy to meet the challenges that each day brings. Don't waste another night tossing and turning on an uncomfortable or rickety old bed. Shop Sears for bedframes that offer support as well as style for every bedroom in your home.


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