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Stylish bedroom mirrors reflect your good taste

Bedroom mirrors from Sears are practical accessories that help make sure that you always look your best whether you're heading out for a busy day at work or out on the town for a night of fun-filled activities. Mirrors can add shine and sparkle to your bedroom too. Perfect for making a small space look bigger, bedroom mirrors are useful design tools that you can use strategically to expand the look of your bedroom. When your bedroom mirror is as stylish as it is functional, that reflects well on you.

Function, location and decorative style are three factors to consider when shopping for bedroom mirrors. Floor mirrors help guarantee that your outfit looks great from head to toe. If you are looking for a mirror for grooming and makeup tasks, you can choose from an array of stylishly designed countertop and wall mirrors in sizes and frames to suit every decorative style. For a coordinated look, explore the Sears collection of bedroom vanity sets, many of which come with attached bedroom mirrors.

You can also use bedroom mirrors to enhance your bedroom's lighting scheme. Place them near the lamps on the nightstands to double the amount of available light. Because mirrors reflect light, you may want to place the mirror in a location where glare from morning sunlight won't disturb your sleep. Even when they're not located near a direct source of illumination, bedroom mirrors reflect ambient light that casts a pleasing, gentle glow over the room.

Keep in mind that bedroom mirrors can elevate the style of the less private living spaces in your home as well. Hang one next to the front door for a final check on your hair and makeup when company comes to call. A fashionable mirror flanked with framed photos or paintings creates a stylish vignette over a fireplace. For special occasions, a mirror framed in a gleaming metallic finish is ideal for showcasing holiday room dcor and makes an attractive surface for holiday table decorations too.

Whether it is a full-length mirror for a dressing room or countertop mirror for a dresser, bedroom mirrors offer lots of opportunities to amp up the style of your bedroom while improving its functionality. A high-quality bedroom mirror from Sears ensures that your bedroom be a reflection of your good taste and inimitable sense of style.


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