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Put yourself in the middle of the movie with new speaker stand from Sears

Watching your favorite movies or playing your favorite games on the big screen is all well and good, but for a truly immersive entertainment experience your need to involve the audio element as well. By placing sound sources all around you, TV speaker stands can make you feel like you're actually experiencing the event on screen in real time. If you're a sports fan, you'll feel the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd when your team hits a homer during the championship game. Action movie buffs will get to experience the intensity of a well-directed car chase or shootout as never before, and don't forget that surround sound can enhance the suspense of a slasher movie or survival horror video game to the breaking point.

The most common type of speaker stand is a floor-mounted unit consisting of a sturdy base, post and bracket for the speaker itself. These stands have the advantage of being very affordable and easy to set up, making them the perfect choice for those who want only one or two speakers for their home theater. The post is usually adjustable in height, allowing you to position the speaker for maximum effect for your TV room. These simple stands are available in sets of one or two from quality makers like Cambridge Audio, Behringer and Atlantic Satellite and are the perfect complement to your other media storage and entertainment furniture

If you have a little more space available and you're looking for something with a little extra peace of mind included, take a look at our tripod speaker stands. These units are made with a folding tripod base which spread more widely than a typical floor-mounted stand, delivering unmatched stability and safety for your speakers. Perfect for holding up heavier audio equipment, tripod speaker stands are not only great for your living room; they can pull double duty at outdoor events like concerts and tailgate parties. Peavey Electronics, Sound Around and others make dependable tripod stands you can trust to support your expensive speaker equipment.

On the other hand, if you're working with limited room when setting up your surround sound, free up some floorspace with wall- or ceiling-mounted brackets. These wall and ceiling mounts by top audio equipment makers like Vantage Point, Pinpoint Mounts and Omnimount sit up off the floor, giving more room to arrange furniture like DVD cabinets and other media storage. If you'd prefer to watch TV in bed, our discreet audio mounts can fit discreetly among your bedroom furniture items and home office shelving, giving you surround sound in the comfort of your own bed.

Once you finish outfitting your home theater, show the rest of your home some love by shopping Sears' furniture collection. Sears carries furniture and accessories for every room in your home, not just the TV room. From desks for the home office to dressers for the bedroom, you'll find what you want in the furniture section at Sears.


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