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An office cart is one of those things people tend not to think about until they need one, but when they do need one it can really come in handy. Moving heavy boxes of computer equipment, reams of printer paper or trays of catered sandwiches by hand can be exhausting and potentially unsafe, so avoid the hassle by having an office cart from Sears on hand and ready to go. An essential part of any professional or home office collection, a good office cart gives you a hassle-free way to move electronics, hardware and even light furniture around your work space.

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Office carts deliver versatile rolling transportation of heavy workplace items

Office carts from Sears are so useful for day-to-day tasks, your office can't afford to be without one. Setting up for the quarterly meeting? You'll need a cart to get the projector from the AV storage to the conference room. Digitizing old records? Piling the old business software backups and paper records into a cart makes it easy to wheel them over to the data entry department. Having a working lunch? An office cart can pull double duty as a lunch delivery device, making sure that nobody's sandwich or salad order gets mixed up. And in those unfortunate situations when someone is packing their things into moving boxes on their last day at the company, the office cart helps them get to their car quickly and smoothly. The ways you can use an office cart are endless, and you never know when you might need it.

Not all office carts are meant for transporting heavy objects. Some, like the Mobile Laptop Cart Desk and Altra Tablet Laptop Cart are designed a mobile rest for a laptop computer. When you're giving a presentation with an accompanying slideshow, being able to walk around the room and using energetic body language is what keeps your listeners attentive. You don't want to be tied to your workstation, which is why this handy cart is made to move with you. Its light weight allows you to easily reposition it, while the upright construction places your laptop right at the level of your eyes and hands, allowing you to manipulate the presentation on the fly.

When the presentation's over, you'll want something bigger, with a bit more space, to work more efficiently. We also carry larger laptop carts which can double as more permanent workstations. The Technii Mobile Compact Computer Cart features not only a laptop rest, but also a speaker stand platform, keyboard tray and bottom carrier for computer tower and printer. A side-mounted rack gives you a great place to store software and music CDs, and ties the whole package together. Four smooth rollers allow you to move around in the office and set up your own work area anywhere there's a little bit of room.

Here at Sears, you'll find not only office carts, but also desks, cubicle organizers, office desk chairs and everything else you need to furnish an efficient office that runs like clockwork. Shop Sears and get working today.


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