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Improve your sleep with new mattress sets

Order new mattress sets from Sears to improve sleep for all members of the family. Our collection of mattress sets includes many that will be just right for your home. We have mattress sets made from materials that are part of the newest sleep technology, backed by research studies done by the big three major manufacturers, Sealy, Serta and Simmons.

Fill your bedroom with one of our California King mattresses that give you more sleeping room and comfort than smaller sets. These extra-large sets give you an additional four inches in length, great for taller persons. It is the ultimate in sleeping comfort, and many taller styles include a pillowtop or plush padding to conform to your body's curves. These are perfect to add to oversize bedrooms. Start sleeping like a king or queen when you fill your room with a comfortable California King mattress set.

For extra softness and comfort, check out our pillowtop mattresses. It is best to come in and try these in person, so you can experience the feel of a pillowtop and how it is different from regular flat mattresses. Our pillowtop mattresses feature an additional layer of padding to cushion your body while you sleep. Many pillowtop mattresses feature high tech memory foam, the newest development in sleep technology. Pillowtop layers are available on mattresses of different firmness ratings, from firm to plush. Try out those from Sealy, Simmons, Stearns and Foster and other top brands at Sears to decide which one you prefer.

Try one of our plush mattresses if you are looking for a luxurious night's sleep. Sears has plush mattress sets made by the leaders in sleep technology, Sealy, Serta and Simmons. A plush mattress reduces pressure points so you can enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep, without excessive tossing and turning that awakens you during the night. Most of these plush mattresses feature durable inner spring support. Springs are often made from extra strong titanium, which lasts longer than steel coils. Plush styles have top layers of memory or gel foam, engineered to be breathable, giving you a cooler sleep surface. These are deep mattresses that give you a higher sleep surface.

Getting a good night of sleep can help you awaken rested and promote better health because your body repairs intself night. With our selection of mattress sets, you have many choices for comfort, including pillowtop mattresses and plush mattresses. Visit your local Sears store and test our selection to find the one that feels most comfortable. Once you have made your selection, we can deliver mattress sets to your home, so you can start enjoying that full night of sleeping comfort.


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