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Regulation-size billiard balls from Sears weigh in at 6 ounces each. These are the same kinds of balls that you see in professional tournaments and in the neighborhood bar. If bumper pool is your game, Aramith billiard balls come in phenolic resin and beautiful red and white colors. If you are still looking at billiard tables, get a ball kit instead of a set. Kits come with the pool balls, cleaners and pro cup cue balls. Sportcraft and Aramith are two manufacturers whose products are uniformly round and smooth. Pick the right balls now, and you will enjoy your game for years to come.

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Find the billiard balls for your table

A billiard table offers fun and adds style to your family's game room. Sears carries hundreds of billiard balls, racks and additional billiards accessories to complement your professional-size and mini billiard tables. We have traditional Sportcraft billiard ball sets in striped and solid colors, and you have access to bumper pool balls for playing snooker. In addition to billiard balls, we have Trademark wood and plastic racks that feature logos and licensing from your favorite sports teams.

When you bring home a billiard table for the first time, you need balls and other billiards accessories to get you started. Trademark 32-piece billiards kits offer everything from cue sticks to chalk, giving you what you need to start playing right away. You can find Wave 7 pool table covers that feature university logos, and we have RAM Gameroom bronze cue holders for storing and organizing up to six cue sticks. Add style to your billiard table with Iszy fringe billiards pockets, and protect your favorite cue stick with a Cue & Case leather case.

Brush up on your game and learn techniques from master billiards players when you invest in billiards books for your game room. Take a short course on how to improve your game with "Simply Pool" by Joe Hardesty, and learn trick shots to entertain your friends with "Treasury of Trick Shots in Pool and Billiards" by Robert Byrne. We also have billiards books that improve how you approach the game from a mental standpoint, and you can find books about billiards that walk you through every facet of the game.

Along with new billiards balls, invest in cue sticks for your new billiard table. A warped cue stick makes your game suffer, but a new Trademark Ruby Red cue stick features a straight shaft and a removable tip for easy replacement. We also have Athletic Connection bridge sticks to steady your cue stick when you are reaching across the billiard table. We have regulation-size and mini cue sticks, such as the Viper Spider 48-inch Junior pool cue. In addition to traditional wooden sticks, we have DMI Sports and Trademark Global cue sticks that feature diamond inlays and designer graphics such as tigers and skulls.

Invest in new billiard balls and racks for your Brunswick or other popular name-brand billiard table. Stock up on billiards accessories such as cue sticks and chalk for everyone who wants to play, and read about how to improve your game with billiards books and magazines. Shop online at Sears when you want affordable billiard tables and accessories for your game room.



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