Dart Cabinets

Should you hang dartboards or dart cabinets? Both setups have merit. The cabinets offer you the opportunity to create an interior decorating look that highlights your team spirit or simply adds interesting wooden cabinetry to your game room walls. Plenty of cabinets include dartboards as well as darts. They also offer you some room to store your darts and scoring equipment. If space is limited in your game room, then cabinets from Sears not only offer you stylish wall decorations but also provide you with a way to keep clutter at bay. Add three or more cabinets for weekend league play!

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Create a game room with new dart cabinets

Creating a game room in your home starts with adding a pool table and mounting dart cabinets on the walls. Sears has a full selection of dartboard cabinets that include scoreboards to keep track of you and your opponent's score. Complement your sports room with a Trademark dart cabinet that features the logo of your favorite team on the front. Most of our dartboard cabinets come with a set of darts and a dartboard to start playing with right away.

When picking out a dart cabinet for your game room, don't forget about dart accessories like replacement soft tips and spinning shafts. Even if you enjoy darts as a casual player, you benefit from professional-grade Bottelsten darts and Accudart classic bristle dartboards that withstand the constant abuse that your darts deliver. We also carry wall-mount Dart-Stop dart holders that hold up to six darts at a time. In addition to dart accessories, we have bar stools and other game room furniture that provide comfort while your friends sit and wait their turn.

Not all dart cabinets come with the parts you need to start playing right out of the box. A Trademark dartboard cabinet combo includes everything you need to play the game and to keep score all in one kit. In addition to its functionality, a dartboard and cabinet combo features beveled wood edges, metal hinges and designs that complement the theme in your game room. Keep track of your score automatically with the Voit Falcon electronic dartboard cabinet. It features sounds, an LCD display and a bounce-out-and-miss option for realistic gameplay.

In addition to dartboard cabinet combos, we have individual dartboards that feature cork and bristle backings. Cork wears down quicker than a bristle backboard, but both models provide the same bounce-back action that you want in a professional dartboard. Whether you play professionally or casually at home, practice your game with the Halex official-size tournament bristle dartboard. The Halex Impact electronic dartboard automatically tracks your score so that you don't have to. Sears also carries Trademark dart game sets that include a dartboard and six darts with plastic flights and soft tips. From single dartboards to dartboard cabinet combos, you can find the right board for your at-home or public game room.

With a dart cabinet, you can hide your dartboard out of the way when you don't need it. Dartboard cabinet combos come with dartboards and other accessories to get you up and playing right out of the box. Shop our online inventory for the biggest selection of dartboards and accessories for the ultimate game room.



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