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Table Tennis

Add a table tennis setup to your garage, game room or patio. Sears has a large supply of indoor and outdoor tables that you can install permanently or fold up and store out of the way when you finish playing. Having this kind of game table in your home is sure to make you one of the most popular neighbors around. Investing in a few table tennis accessories will allow you to host players who do not have their own equipment. You need paddles, plenty of balls and maybe also a spare net or two. For extra fun and excitement, get glow-in-the-dark equipment and turn off the lights. Get ready for an epic table tennis match.

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How to choose the right table tennis setup

Getting serious about table tennis is a lot of fun. Are you a recreational or competitive player? Are you a novice with the paddles or an old hand at propelling the ball right where you want it to go? A basic table measures 5 feet by 9 feet and features a playing top surface thickness of about 5/8 inches. Competition tables have a surface that is at least a 3/4 inches thick to ensure that the ball bounces consistently on the table. It is not uncommon to find one-inch-thick surfaces that rely on skirting for reinforcement.

If you pick an outdoor table, you may notice a playing surface made of an aluminum plastic composite. Choose carefully whether you want to make your table tennis an indoor or outdoor affair. Indoor tables do not weather well, and you will soon have to replace it if you keep it outdoors. Pick a rollaway setup when you want to move the item out of the way and need the space. Stationary tables tend to be more stable, but this permanent setup takes a big chunk of space out of your game room or backyard patio. Get a table that offers a playback mode so that you can practice without having a partner.

Since you are putting together a recreational game space, add air hockey tables to the mix. Players of all ages enjoy these games, and the air hockey gives table tennis players something to do while they await their turns. Pick a tabletop setup that measures between 20 inches and 40 inches when your game room space is limited. If you do have the space for a full-sized table, you can find versions that offer up to 54 inches of playing surface. When only an authentic arcade table will do, prepare for 84 inches of unadulterated game excitement.

Depending on your playing preferences, incorporate pool tables measuring between 4 and 9 feet in length. Medal Sports, Valley Dynamo and Holland are just a few of the manufacturers that construct gorgeous-looking pool tables for any game room setup. Whether you are looking for a rugged table to fit into your garage or prefer a sophisticated look along Victorian lines, there are tables right for any interior decor. Some pool tables even come with a bonus table tennis top to capitalize on the space the game takes up in your home.

Of course, there is always room for a game of darts. Select a cabinet-style dartboard and then carefully choose the darts you use. If you are an insider, you know that weight and tip differentiation make or break your best game. Choose wisely when picking out 18-gram tungsten shafts or selecting 24-gram brass barrel models. Choose darts that come with a secure carrying case even when you have a cabinet for storage. This ensures that you can take your favorite darts to a game outside your home.

Sears offers an exhilarating collection of table tennis setups, air hockey and pool tables as well as darts. Buy a complete game space setup today, and start enjoying fun times with friends and family members tonight.



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