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      Tile your way to gaming fun with dominoes

      Traditional dominoes is played with a set of 28 tiles, colloquially called bones. The tiles are rectangular, two squares joined edge to edge, and the face of each square is either blank or resembles one side of a standard six-sided die. Basic dominoes is played with two to four players, and when playing with four, you have the option of using two-person teams or having each person play individually. The game collection at Sears includes basic dominoes, high-quality sets and games that incorporate the tiles in interesting ways.

      Perhaps the neatest aspect of dominoes is that it is not a single game as chess and checkers are. A dominoes set lets you play a countless number of dominoes games, and for each game, there are numerous variants. Most domino-based games are very easy to learn, and once a person knows one form, they can quickly learn the rest. That accessibility and versatility makes dominoes one of the best party games around, including a number of popular drinking games.

      The widespread appeal of dominoes has given rise to a number of dominoes-inspired games. These games are board games and other gaming formats that use dominoes as a basis or even use them in place of dice and other accessories. There are even poker games, such as Texas Hold'em and poker dice, that use dominoes instead of cards and dice. Some of the most popular floor games have a domino-based variant, and in some cases, the dominoes are large enough to stand on.

      Dominoes are an excellent mental exercise too and can help children reinforce the math skills they are learning in school. As with chess and checkers, however, dominoes can seem a bit dry to the modern child. That is why Sears has a wide selection of dominoes and domino-based games that have an additional fun factor and are well suited as toys for ages 9-12 and even younger children. You can even find sets with animals and insects in place of standard die faces, and those can be used to play matching games and the like.

      Our goal at Sears is to be your one-stop shop for all your gaming accessories, including dominoes, dice, playing cards and poker chips. For the collector, Sears has a wide selection of unique and high-quality domino sets as well as mahjong and other tile-based sets. For children, the collection includes sets with themes based on the hottest kid-oriented properties. Be sure to check back soon as Sears is regularly expanding the dominoes section and its entire gaming library.


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