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      Garage Door Opener Accessories

      Don't suffer the frustrations of having to manually open your garage door each time you arrive at your home. Sears sells numerous brands of high quality garage door opener accessories from popular brands like Craftsman and Chamberlain that will help you to open your garage door as you drive up your driveway. We sell programmable garage door openers with features such as rolling-code technology that enhance your home security. You'll also see products such as entry pads, garage door opener installation kits, rail extensions and safety sensors.

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      Garage Door Opener Accessories Offer Many Options

      There are many benefits to parking a car in a garage. High-quality garage door accessories enhance security and improve efficiency. The days of having to get out of one's car to open the garage door are long over. Sears carries a huge assortment of exceptional garage door opener accessories and other products that make life a whole lot easier.

      For many people, garage door remote controls are must-have accessories. Sears' lineup includes first-rate products like Craftsman remote controls that allow people to open and close their garage doors from their vehicles. Optional light control accessories allow these devices to control lights within the home too, which enhances safety and security. Chamberlain clickers and products like them include visor clips that keep them within easy reach of drivers. They enhance security by allowing people to remotely gain entry to their homes.

      Households with kids often find keyless entry pads to be ideal options. Sears' keyless entry pads, which are available from reputable brands like Genie, come in many different designs and configurations. They are easy to install and a breeze to use. Instead of having to give each person a remote for the garage door, a household can install one of these devices. Some include special features like temporary passwords that allow guests to gain access without the need to change the regular password. Features like these make it easier to keep a home safe and secure.

      It's easy for a person to second-guess whether or not they closed the garage door. Instead of running downstairs to check late at night, a person can find out at a glance with a garage door monitor. Sears' garage door monitors provide reassurance and bolster home security. A red flashing light means that the door is still open, while a solid green light means that it is closed. These monitors can handle up to four garage doors.

      After pulling a car into the garage, it's sometimes difficult to tell whether or not it's positioned correctly. If it's not, the garage door could hit or scrape the back end of the car. A laser parking guide can eliminate this issue once and for all. These ceiling-mounted devices use red laser beams to show people where to park their cars. One-step installation makes these especially convenient and useful options. They are only activated when vehicles enter the garage, so energy is not wasted.

      Garages are more convenient than ever with the right accessories. Sears has the garage door accessories that busy families need to stay safe and on track.


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