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      Storage hooks add functionality to your garage decor

      If the sheer volume of tools threatens to overwhelm your tool chests, storage hooks can easily become the overflow solution you need. Keep tools and other items out of catch-all bins and buckets. More importantly, keep your garage floor free of clutter so that you can still park your car inside. Since these hooks are suitable for holding a wide variety of even bulky items, you have the opportunity to solve the majority of your storage woes with these versatile tools.

      Pegboard hooks can easily hold the miscellaneous items that get lost inside toolboxes. Examples of these necessary odds and ends include painters tape, tape measures and levels. Claw hooks attach to the garage rafters and get the mountain bike off the ground and away from the side of the garage wall. Heavy-duty storage hooks hold hammers, saws and rolls of electrical wiring. If you take the time to plan your hook setup, you are going to be amazed at the volume of items you can get off the floors and out of overflowing storage cabinets.

      Since you are already updating the look of your garage, why not add a few garage decor items for aesthetic appeal? Clocks in the shapes of circular saw blades, Harley-Davidson pub lights and decals that go on tool chests are just are few examples of the available selection. If your garage doubles as your hobby room, stay comfortable with a bar stool and table set that hints at your hobby. Some car makers also offer branded cups and plates sets that you can keep in the garage for the quick snack in between tasks.

      In addition to adding decorative touches and functionality to your garage, do not forget to keep some workhorses on hand. Hand trucks easily fit into a corner of the space. They can carry between 600 pounds and 800 pounds, which makes the move of appliances and heavy boxes a snap. Secure ties and ropes on nearby storage hooks. They let you secure the load on the hand truck and prevent slipping and sudden movement when traversing bumpy areas or a threshold.

      For added functionality, include garage ladders in the types of tools you keep on hand. Aluminum ladders are light but durable. Telescoping ladders require very little storage space in your garage. They nevertheless extend to more than 12 feet in height when needed. Multi-fold ladders add functionality by offering two sides for climbing up when opened. If you are thinking of using overhead hooks to hang your ladder, consider the purchase of an eight-foot or 20-foot fiberglass extension ladder.

      Sears carries a wide variety of storage hooks, garage decor products, hand trucks and garage ladders. Mix and match these products to make the garage functional without losing some of its appeal. Buy and install a combination of these products from Sears today. Enjoy a more spacious garage before nightfall.


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