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      Whether you're an avid hobbyist or need to perform lawnmower engine repairs, a garage workbench will give you all the space you need. There are a variety of workbenches with storage shelves to keep the work surface clear, and all your tools organized. With multiple drawers, you can separate your tools and keep your workplace clean and tidy. Workbenches come in a variety of colors, so you can match your workbench to the look you're aiming for in your garage. Sears has a variety of steel workbenches to help you stay organized and work better.

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      Create a home workshop with a new workbench

      A workbench is the centerpiece of any workshop. No matter the length, height or other requirements you have, you can find a garage workbench for your space. If you are limited on floor space, you can get a wall mounted workbench. You'll have the space you need without taking up extra room in your garage. Choose a bench customized to your preferences, right down to the type of wood it's built of.

      Steel workbenches will hold up against years of use. If you plan on working on projects that require large amounts of oil, grease or solvents, a steel garage workbench won't soak these up or corrode. They also offer the ability to handle greater weight and won't be damaged from the impact of hammers or other tools. Sears carries models with extra storage space underneath to keep tools and rags at hand while you work.

      With a high-quality workbench, you'll be able to tackle any small project right in your own garage. Sears carries Craftsman workbenches that will give you all the space you need. From large to small, find a garage workbenches that will fit the space you have perfectly. Shop for both wood and steel workbenches and start finishing your to-do list today.


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