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      What type of motor is right for you? Skip this question Clear my answer
        • Quiet
        • Light weight
        • Long lasting
        DC Motor
        • Affordable
        • Operates most doors
        • Reliable
        AC Motor ½ HP
        • Fast
        • Powerful
        • Reliable
        AC Motor ¾ HP
      Need the ability to operate your garage door during a power outage without doing it manually? Skip this question Clear my answer
      • No power? No problem. The DieHard® Battery Back-up System keeps your garage up and running for 24 hours.
      • This is not an important feature for me.
      Would you like the ability to open or close your garage door from anywhere? Skip this question Clear my answer
      • how does this work?
        Supplementing your standard remote,
        AssureLink Internet Connectivity lets you open, close and
        monitor your garage door right from your mobile device.
      • A standard remote is fine for me.
      What type of drive is right for you? Skip this question Clear my answer
        • The ultimate in quite performance
        • Best for attached garages
        • Advanced optional features
        Belt Drive
        • A versatile, economical workhorse, but typically louder than belt or screw drives
        • Suitable for just about any garage
        Chain Drive
        • Best for heavy, oversized doors and cold climates
        • Virtually maintenance-free
        Screw Drive

      We don't offer any chain or screw drive models featuring battery back-up or internet connectivity.

      If you would still like a chain or screw drive, remove battery back-up and internet connectivity as necessary features.

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