Gear up with Back to School Accessories

Though it may seem like summer just started, the school year is almost here. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting all of the back to school accessories that your kids need to have a fantastic year. From backpacks and lunch sacks to locker and dorm decor, you and the kids will be ready with everything they need when the bell rings. 

Kids need more than just school supplies when they're heading off to school. There are a variety of kids' back to school accessories that every student needs to make the school year just a little bit easier.  Students can personalize their desks, lockers and even dorm rooms with the right accessories, designed to show off their sense of style.

Back to school accessories for kids

When you're getting the kids ready for another school year, you want to make sure that they have everything they need for class.  The right backpacks for kids can make all the difference in their school day. A sturdy bag that equally distributes weight will help kids carry books with ease and without injury. Of course, organizing their book bags and desks should be easy too. With accessories like pencil cases and school supply boxes, your little students will be able to keep their writing utensils and other school supplies in one place.

Other important kids' back to school accessories include lunch boxes and bags. You can find a wide variety of reusable lunch containers that are perfect for kids to cart their food to and from school. Give your kids healthy lunches and pack them in cooler lunch bags, thermoses or standard lunch boxes for the ultimate kid lunch. You can leave personalized notes to bring a smile to their face, and you'll know that what they're eating is healthy and acceptable for their diet, whether they have food allergies or not. 

Back to school accessories for teens

Get yourself ready for school by stocking up on the trendiest styles in back to school accessories. Embellished book bags in bright colors, funky lunch containers to store you favorite snacks or lunch and other trendy school accessories are exactly what you need to start the school year off right.  Your personal style is important, and you should adorn your book bag and locker with all of the right accessories to express yourself. Locker organizers, magnetic decor, and charms/chains for your bag will all show off your sense of style.

Of course, there are several other school accessories that you'll need to have a successful school year.  From the technical tools like calculators and e-books to the school accessories and supplies that you need to stay organized and efficient, you want to make sure that you're stocked up on the gear you need. Colorful binders and day planners will help you stay organized and keep track of all your assignments, while an e-book with a brightly colored cover will lighten your load when it comes to carrying your books. If your school allows tablets for note taking, you can eliminate paper waste and have all of your notes in one easy place.   Personalize your wireless devices with colorful tablet, e-reader or cell phone cases.

Back to school accessories for college

Whether you're heading to the local community college or moving into a dorm away from home, you'll need your own set of back to school accessories. Stock your book bag with all of the electronic accessories and tools that you'll need to get through your class schedule. From e-books to laptops, you should ensure that you have the right cases and bags. A lined laptop bag is necessary for protecting and carrying your laptop to and from class, and a protective tablet cover is perfect for safeguarding your new tablet.

If you're moving into a dorm room, you want to make sure that you have all of the organizational back to school accessories that will help you keep your room neatly arranged, but looking great. Stock up on office supplies and desk accessories to keep your dorm homework station ready for those late night study sessions. You also want to make sure that you have all the bedroom accessories and decor items that you need to make your dorm feel just like home. Create your own personal space with cozy bedding and cushy pillows.

Kids of all ages are heading back to school this fall, and you want to make sure that you or your children are prepared with all of the school accessories that are designed to make school just a little bit easier. From grade school kids to college students, be prepared for going back to school with everything you need from Sears.

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