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General Craft Books

General craft books are a great resource for new craft project ideas or patterns to try. Whether you're just getting into a specific medium or are looking for crafts ideas for your classroom, browsing through different books on crafts can give you all the projects you need and more. From innovative ways to use duct tape to book making, you'll find general craft books and art supplies at Sears. Give a new spin to kids craft kits making your own friendship bracelet patterns or new jewelry making tips. Don't just use basic instructions and patterns; learn expert tricks from craft books.

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Learn new tricks and patterns with general craft books at Sears

General craft books can give you the inspiration and motivation to start new projects. If you've watched HGTV and Craft Wars, you know it takes skill to come up with those intricate designs and styles. You can learn the same crafty tricks the experts use by browsing through patterns and method styles from books on specific crafting mediums. From basic crafts to more complicated hobbies, Sears carries craft books on every craft style imaginable. Whether you're area of interest in jewelry making, metalworking, woodworking, crocheting or paper art, there's a general craft book out there for you. Become the craft expert and have your friends asking you for tips.

More often than not, parents will be craft-making with their kids and their kids' friends. For easy-level craft activities, kids craft books offer great, simple ideas you can do seasonally or all year round. Kids can learn a lot when doing crafts; they're building, mixing colors and fine-tuning their dexterity when working with their hands. Not only will kids create things that they'll want to proudly display, but if you allow them to browsed through books themselves, they can expand their vocabulary and learn to follow written instructions themselves.

Craft books are an excellent resource to keep on hand for specific crafting projects. For example, if you're looking to spice up some of your paper crafts or even accent your scrapbooking paper, grab a book on embossing. With those embossing tools lying around, whether you have stencils, templates, ink or stamp pads, you can create textured paper without the use of expensive machines. You'll get more use out of the tools you have when you know how and where else you can use them.

One of the most popular types of craft hobby is scrapbooking. Creating albums for special memories, like vacations and weddings, is a lengthy process with a rewarding ending. Each page is made to your specifications and sense of design. Learn how to use scrapbook cutters for new, intricate patterns or to build layers on each page. With dozens of books on scrapbooking and paper cutting, there are tons of styles you can try in all your craft projects.

Learn the tricks of the trade and experts' secrets and read a few general craft books. Not only will you become an expert yourself, but you'll be able to invent your own methods for crafts and do-it-yourself projects. You won't be able to find new uses for every day household items once you know what else you can use them for. Start browsing the general craft books at Sears and ignite your inner crafter today.


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