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Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect one for you can be quite the task. It is one thing to hunt for an air compressor hose that will fit your compressor hose fittings; it is another thing altogether to start from scratch. For whatever reason, you need an air compressor and you need one that will get the job done, from heavy-duty high-pressure needs to a simple device to inflate your tires.

Compact air compressors will take care of most household needs. They typically come with all parts included, from the storage tanks right down to the compressor air hose. These all-in one options can be portable or stationary. Most popular for homeowners is a simple portable air compressor that plugs into the wall and is used to inflate mattresses, tires and other household items. The compressor hoses for these are fairly short, since the compressor is meant to be used at the site.

If you want to use your air compressor to give your tools a little more oomph than you get with your cordless drill, you might want to opt for a more durable portable model like a pancake compressor or twin tank set-up. These compressors have built-in air storage tanks so that you don't have to constantly run your compressor while you are doing work. Plus, they don't take up too much space and are easy to transport if you need to take them somewhere.

You will have to choose between having an electric or a gas air compressor. Gas air compressors make more noise, but generally last a little longer and provide more power. Electric air compressors offer a quick start and may run quieter, but you are dependent on an electrical supply. Electric compressors are far less portable because of the fact that you are tied to an electrical outlet.

Air Compressors for work use

Some of the same portable compressors you use for the home are also great on the job. Pancake compressors can be used to do finishing work and help reach hard-to-reach places on the job site. For work that needs a little power, opt for a durable compressor with a large storage capacity. You can choose from portable or more stationary models. Like the home models, these are usually available in both gas and electric styles.

Your work needs may depend on a stationary air compressor to get the job done. Commercial air compressors typically rely on piston or screw styles to compress large amounts of air. You likely will buy your machine separate from fittings and air compressor hoses, but you may find it is worth the extra cost to get some more power and capacity. You may also need several air tanks or banks to go with these compressors.

Air compressors are a great addition to anyone's tool collection. They can provide a great deal of power to everyday work as well as help out around the home. Let Sears get you started on your search for a great air compressor with a large selection of models and styles to fit your needs.

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