Using a palm sander to smooth out wood projects

You probably remember the days in your childhood when your father made you sand your Pinewood Derby car until it was "as smooth as a baby's bottom," and then some. Finish sanding can be a lot of hard work, and at times it may seem like the work is never finished. There will always be one spot that wants to stay rough, or your hands will simply get tired of the repetitive motion. Luckily, the world of power tools has a solution known as the electric palm sander, or finishing sander.

Palm sanders are smaller power tools that allow you to finish sand large projects in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. You can attach regular sandpaper to the rectangular pad on the bottom of the sander. This is nice because it doesn't require any special type of sanding material and you can snap in a new sheet easily by hand. Most palm sanders will have holes in the bottom that act as a vacuum to remove the dust as you are sanding. If you are choosing between a cheaper sander without this option and a more expensive sander with this option, you might want to consult some palm sander reviews to make this choice; the vacuum and collection option makes clean-up a million times easier and also keeps your air safe for breathing. In this case, the extra cost is worth every penny.

Only use at the end

Palm sanders are great for final finish work, but should not be used if your wood is still pretty rough. They remove very little material, and you could go through several sheets of sandpaper before you get a rough surface smooth. You are better off smoothing your surface down with an orbital sander, then finishing with the palm sander once you have your project to a workable smoothness. The small size of the palm sander is also good for finishing corners and working in tight spaces (with a triangular pad extension). Palm sanders are one of the cheaper types of sanders on the market, so they are totally affordable. Even the best palm sander won't differ too much from a cheaper version, but some do offer added features. You can also buy an air palm sander that attaches to your air compressor for added power.

Your home improvement project will be a breeze with Sears. Whether you need a wrench or a finishing sander, we have what you need to get your home back in shape and beautiful in no time.

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