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Baby Car Seats and Strollers For Safe Trips

Safety and comfort go hand-in-hand when you have a baby, but you need the right gear to get around. While some baby products are optional, car seats and strollers are not. Sears carries car seats and strollers for all sizes and ages of babies and offers easy shopping for on-the-go parents.

There are several types of car seats that you can choose from when shopping at Sears, including infant car seats. If you travel a lot, this is the perfect solution as they are easy to carry, so you can go on an outing without waking your little one. Infant seats should always be installed rear facing. Because experts recommend children remain rear facing until they are around two years old, you might find it more cost effective to select a convertible car seat. Convertible seats are installed rear facing for young babies and turned to be front facing when your baby is old enough. Unlike infant seats, these are usually left installed between trips. It is also possible to buy a toddler car seat, ideal for when your baby is out of the infant seat and ready to face front.

Traveling with baby is challenging, so adding one of the quality strollers from Sears to your infant gear is a great idea. Umbrella strollers are great for babies who can sit. They are also ideal for moving about in crowds; most parents select the umbrella stroller for airports and amusement parks, for example. For younger infants, you might select a stroller travel system. Travel systems generally include larger strollers packaged with a matching infant seat. Infants can be moved from the car to your destination in the infant seat, which then clips onto the stroller. When bigger, your baby fits perfectly in the stroller without using the car seat option. If you do plan on purchasing both a stroller and infant seat, stroller travel systems are usually more affordable than buying each piece separately.

Baby gear can be overwhelming and expensive for new parents. Add large items like strollers and car seats to your Sears baby registry as a gift-giving option for family and friends. You can also order your car seats and strollers for home delivery, which is a convenient option for expecting parents. With every choice at your fingertips, Sears is the perfect place to get all your baby gear.


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