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Quality Cookware Always a Great Gift Idea

Couples starting a new life together often find themselves trying to cook with a jumbled heap of odd cookware. To solve the problem of a kitchen of sparse, mismatched pots, pans, and peelers, many couples decide to register for a unified set of kitchen gadgets. However, when registering, you should remember that not all registries are created equally. Sears carries the finest quality cookware from brands you've come to trust, with names like Kenmore and Kenmore Elite among the selection.

It is no wonder that Kenmore is one of the most recognized brands in cookware. The company has remained on the cutting edge of cookware technology. Many of the pans in the Kenmore line utilize silicone handles to provide a safer cooking experience and a grooved surface to prevent food from sticking. Other innovations of the company include copper banded stainless steel cookware and dishwasher safe options across the board.

The American-made offshoot of Kenmore, Kenmore Elite, uses top notch materials to create an abundance of kitchen tools useful to new couples. Tongs, cooking spoons, spatulas, can openers, ice cream scoops and many other tools are available in a combination of silicone and stainless steel. This dynamic duo ensures maximum durability and heat resistance--great features for inexperienced newlywed cooks and master chef couples alike.

Choosing a cookware set seems a daunting task at first, due to the commitment needed to make a long term investment. Reviews on the durability of the cookware should help you judge the which set is smartest purchase. After quality, style can be considered. T-fal carries a spectrum of cookware colors to complement any kitchen.

Seek out the help of a professional cookware salesperson. Sears is especially knowledgeable in helping brides and grooms to choose the best cookware for their specific needs.


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