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      Small Appliances For Newlyweds

      If you are getting married, then register at Sears so that your friends and family know exactly what you need for the household. From toaster ovens to blenders, you can select everything that you need to jumpstart your kitchen. Cook breakfast with a new waffle iron, and enjoy dessert with an ice cream maker.

      Microwaves are one of the first things that you are going to need for your home. Choose from countertop microwaves that are available in a range of sizes, or select an over-the-range microwave that transforms the microwave and stove area into one complete unit.

      One of the most important items for any home is a vacuum cleaner. With a Kenmore vacuum, you can maneuver around corners easily to ensure that the whole floor is cleaned. An upright vacuum with additional hoses is useful for large floors and corners, while a handheld vacuum works great on carpeted stairs.

      No newlywed couple can call a home complete without a new coffee maker. At Sears, you can select from top brand names including Kenmore, Black & Decker and Cuisinart, and choose a coffee maker with an automatic start function that brews coffee at a specific time every morning.

      Choose Sears for all of your wedding registry small appliances. Whether it is a microwave, vacuum cleaner or coffee maker, Sears gives you access to all of the items that you need to start your home off right.


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