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Shop for Delicious Hard Candy Treats at Sears

If you love to eat sweets, then chances are you love hard candy. Whether it's mints or fireballs, you want an assortment of hard candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. At Sears, you can find hundreds of hard candies and other sweets to enjoy every day.

Whether you need stocking stuffers or something for the Easter basket, DDI hard candy is the perfect solution. Choose from delicious Tootsie Rolls, Sugar Babies and Smarties, or select theater boxes of Chick-O-Stick peanut butter and toasted coconut candy or Tootsie Pop Drops.

Once hard candy comes to mind, you should automatically think of lollipops. Designed 2B Sweet hard candies and lollipops come in a variety of flavors and shapes such as apple flavored swirl pops and football-shaped frosted ring suckers. Sugar Daddy milk caramel pops are sticky and delicious, and each one is made with real caramel and sugar. From star-shaped lollipops to gold nugget bubble gum, Designed 2B Sweet has the candy you want to taste.

Lifesavers candy is popular because of the variety of flavors you have to choose from. Select wild berries, tropical and mint flavors, or choose five flavors in one packet or tangy Lifesavers gummies. Lifesavers mints are perfect for correcting bad breath, while Lifesavers tangy hard candies are great anytime treats.

If you need hard candy to add to the Christmas stocking, then Sears has the selection for you. From Tootsie Rolls and Smarties to lollipops and Lifesavers, you have access to all of the candy you can eat. Whether you shop online or at the store, choose Sears for an assortment of affordable hard candy and other sweet treats for the entire family to enjoy.


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