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      Spruce up your home with colorful harvest decor. As the fall season approaches, you can fill your home with the sights and smells of the season, stocking up on harvest vegetables and relaxing with a warm cup of apple cider. From welcoming wreaths to soothing fall candles, you can stock up on all the essentials at Sears, where you will find plenty of gourds to go around. From cornucopias to giant pumpkins, deck your home out in all the bounty the season has to offer without breaking the bank.

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      Seize the season with great harvest decor

      Fall is all about the change of color, the change of weather, and the change of season. With all of this change, it is nearly impossible to avoid collecting a few fall harvest decorations to celebrate all the changes. Fall decor is about embracing the change and filling your home with the bounty of the season; from bright colors to fresh earthy vegetables, this is one season where the lines between indoor and outdoor, food and decoration, or simplicity and extravagance are blurred.

      Nothing says harvest decor better than a cornucopia full of the bounty of the season. You can choose to decorate with artificial fall fruits and vegetables, or you can fill your cornucopia with apples, gourds, pumpkins and sweet corn to show how the beauty of the season has both aesthetic and nurturing appeal. Plus, it's easy to find a snack when you need one. Line your porch with pie pumpkins and when the time is right; pick one up to make a special treat. For Halloween, you can carve your pumpkins or simply leave them plain to announce the arrival of crisp evenings and more.

      Fall decorations are about more than just the bounty of the farm; they are about signaling a change with enthusiasm, even though cold nights are coming. Brightly colored fall wreaths illuminate trees with a fiery glow, and you can capture that brightness by stuffing artificial leaves into your floral arrangements, or spreading them out on your Halloween table covers for a little extra color. Likewise, hay bales are bounteous at this time of year, as farmers cut the last grasses before the first frost. A hay bale decked out with a scarecrow and pumpkins is the perfect way to say "fall is here" in an elegant and simple way.

      You can celebrate fall even if you don't have any hay or pumpkins on hand; all you have to do is think in terms of coloring. The fall harvest is dominated by reds and browns and oranges and tans. You can accomplish a harvest color scheme using ribbons, fabric and other small accents, which is great if you want to decorate very subtly. After all, a hay bale screams harvest but isn't the most glamorous of all decorations. Sparkling accents are fun for a formal affair; you can take a pumpkin and deck it out in orange glitter, or you can purchase sparkly napkin rings in fall harvest colors. When you think outside the box, you can set a mood that awaits the coming change with excitement.

      Sears can help you put together the perfect harvest decor theme for your home. If you want to go all out with the bounties of the harvest, you can stock up from our great supply of fall dcor, including cornucopias and even a few hay bales. For the more subdued affairs, look to our inventory of sparkling accents to add class to any gathering. You will be able to stock up on all the essentials at our affordable prices and still have plenty of room in the budget for extra friends who happen to drop by.


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