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If you do construction or renovation work, then you know the importance of having good bolt cutters available. You can use these tools to cut through bolts, locks and other metal objects. The compact bolt cutters are great for handling smaller bolts and lighter gauge metal cable. For heavier items, you can use a two-handed bolt cutter capable of dealing with greater metal thickness. Sears carries the best brands including HK Porter, Crown Bolt and Duratool that can improve your work efficiency. We also offer a wide selection of other tools, including metal files, hacksaws and drills.

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Keep on working with Sears bolt cutters

When you need to manually cut through thick metal cables or old locks, bolt cutters are the tools for the job. The large two-handed cutters are for heavy-duty work as they allow you to apply leverage to the cutting jaws of the tool. Like hammers, screw drivers and nut drivers, bolt cutters are basic tools for repair and construction-type work. Sears has a wide range of tool products available for every practical purpose.

The Toughbuilt F180 18-Inch Compact Bolt Cutter has a patented folding handle for easier storage. With this capable tool, you can cut through locks and other items with the hardened steel jaws. The handles are set apart at extra width to reduce hand pressure. The 3.84-lb. Toughbuilt bolt cutter surpasses industry test specifications. If you are working with items that you need to stabilize, check out our lineup of bar, band and other clamps.

Our Neiko 4,000 LB Bolt Cutter has 36-in. handles and chrome molybdenum blades. The hardened Cr-Mo steel alloy jaws can handle extra tough jobs. You can adjust blade clearance using the eccentric bolt. The Neiko cutter is a durable, heavy-duty tool with a soft-grip handle designed to prevent hand slipping.

For light jobs, the Knipex 8'' High leverage end cutters are a good choice. The cutting head sits at a 90 degree angle for higher leverage. In addition to cutting, you can also use this tool to pull out nails. Knipex claims that these are the most powerful single-hand end cutters around. They can handle up to 5/32" bolts or wire.

If you prefer a powered cutter, the Greenlee ETS12L22 Gator Battery-Powered Bolt Cutter with 230V Charger is an option suited for professional construction and repair workers. You can cut through bolts, disposable locks and other items quickly and easily with this tool using biodegradable hydraulic fluid. An LED monitor lets you know when the battery is low. There is also an LED light to illuminate your work area. The product comes with two Li-ion rechargeable batteries, and a 230v charger.

Sears offers a great selection of bolt cutters including brands like Hk Porter, Crown Bolt and Duratool. We also provide for all your other tool needs from tap and dies sets to power screwdrivers. For help in finding just what you need, click on the blue-highlighted link near the top right corner of each product page. The link will connect you with an expert from our Blue Tool Crew who can help you find the items that fit your requirements.

We offer free shipping on some orders, and you can also pick them up free at our stores. We offer regular discounts on many products that can take 70 percent or more off the regular price. To see only discounted items, select the appropriate filtering options in the left sidebar of each category page. Shop Sears today and find a great deal on high quality bolt cutters.


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