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      Hold work pieces tight with clamps from Sears

      Having a sturdy set of clamps is like having extra sets of hands to get work done. Craftsman bar clamps are ideal for holding wood pieces together while glue dries or securing a work piece to your bench when drilling or shaping. They come in a range of lengths up to 3 feet. Their grooved jaws easily hold flat and round materials. The jaws can be reversed, and this turns the clamp into a stretcher or spreader. C-clamps from Ivy Classic and Westward are forged from high-tensile steel to hold heavy objects in place. Their plated-steel screw is very durable, and the pin handle gives you the grip for secure clamping. Spring-loaded clamps are inexpensive, and you'll find many uses for them at home or in the shop.

      Miter boxes complete with a saw are essential when getting a precise angle on your cut is important. We carry affordable miter boxes from Mintcraft and Task Force that are ideal for occasional use. The boxes are made from tough plastic that resists scoring. Miter boxes from Craftsman and Task Force offer better quality and a more durable saw blade. We carry professional-grade miter boxes for finish carpentry. Two of the best are the Stanley Adjustable Angle miter box set that has an included clamp and the C.R. Laurence Dual Purpose miter box with a dual-use saw blade for wood or PVC. Both feature an universally adjustable table for making cuts up to 45 degrees right or left.

      You'll find many uses at home or on the job for nut drivers. We carry sets of seven to 14 nut drivers in standard, metric or both. Craftsman sets feature standard drivers with clear handles and metric drivers with opaque handles. Each handle has a colored band to help you identify the size of the tool. Many sets come with a handy rack that can be mounted on a pegboard above your bench. T-handle nut drivers offer longer reach as well as excellent leverage. Ratchet nut drivers offer greater comfort. Other top nut driver brands include Klein Tools, GearWrench and Speedhex.

      Woodworkers will find a selection of useful wood shaping tools from Flexcut, Robert Sorby and Columbus McKinnon. Wood shaves and draw knives come in several widths. Jack planes, bottom bench planes and bull-nosed rabbet planes feature adjustable blades to get the right depth every time. We also have replacement blades for the Stanley and Ivy Classic block planes we sell.

      Our selection of hand tools is excellent. Standard-grade and professional-grade tools from today's best brands give you buying options. Get your work done more successfully with quality hand tools from Sears.


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