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      Choose tough and dependable cutter tools from Sears

      Quality cutter tools are essential for cutting wire, sheet metal and much more. Cutting pliers from Craftsman are available in a several sizes that will handle cable, steel bands and plastic zip ties. The Craftsman Edge utility cutter and knife uses replaceable blades and is useful for trimming carpeting, vinyl flooring and drywall. Powerful tin snips from Midwest Snips and Stanley are ideal for sheet metal, cage wire and other tough materials. Knipex makes a whole family of cutter tools that cut everything from tin to electrical wire to cable. Many Knipex cutting tools are made with insulated handles for protection from shock.

      If you work with steel links and bolts, having a rugged pair of bolt cutters on hand is important. We carry long-handled bolt cutters from all the leading brands including Neiko, Olympia Tools and Toughbuilt. Most feature hardened steel cutters that can cut common bolts, chain-link fencing and steel chain. They have padded handles for a more comfortable grip and arms up to 48 in. to give you the leverage you need.

      When you're putting stuff together rather than taking it apart, the right clamps for the job will prove very useful. Craftsman bar clamps in a range of sizes are designed for woodworking projects that have been glued together or need to be held in place for working or finishing. The handles are cushioned and ergonomically shaped for comfort. The soft pads won't mar the surface, and they have v-grooves that allow them to grip spindles and other round materials. The reversible jaws turn these clamps into spreaders. Heavy-gauge steel c-clamps from Westward are formed from ductile iron and boast a plated-steel screw. The pin handle gives you added leverage for getting a firm clamp on heavy objects. Affordable hobby clamps, some with ratchets, are perfect for crafts and other light-duty clamping. You can shop by brand or clamp type to locate the clamps you need for your next project.

      Hand drills are a favorite with woodworkers who enjoy the feel of a manual drill and want precision depth you may not get from a power drill. Drills from Trademark Tools are made with wooden handles to give them an antique appearance. Keyless chucks and smooth gears provide ease of use. Schroeder makes commercial-grade hand drills for drilling into concrete and other very hard materials. Some have a breastplate to let you put your weight behind the drill bit.

      Sears has a tremendous selection of the hand tools you need for cutting, clamping and drilling. Affordable tools for the hobbyist and professional-grade contractor tools are available. Browse our pages and place your order today. We'll get it on the next truck headed your way.


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