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      Find High-Quality Eye and Ear Care Products at Sears

      Sears carries a range of eye and ear care products that can ease pain, clean and protect your eyes and ears from damage. Whether you need solution for your contacts or a new pair of glasses, Sears has exactly what you're looking for.

      When your eyes strain to focus on near or far objects, it can cause headaches and possibly risk accidents. Use reading glasses when you struggle to read the morning paper or a book before bedtime. Select from plastic and rimless reading glasses from name brand designers such as GUCCI and Nike. Reading glasses are quite affordable, and you don't even need a prescription in most cases.

      If you wear contacts, then you know how important it is to keep them clean throughout the day. With contact lens solutions, you can let your lenses soak overnight to remove any debris that may have attached. Opti-Free has no-rub contact solution that disinfects and cleans the lenses, and Clear Eyes soothing drops remove particulates and moisten your lenses while you wear them.

      Earaches can happen at any age, and usually the underlying cause is improper ear care. With Murine Earigate ear cleansing solution, you can rinse away and remove any wax buildup that may obstruct your hearing. In addition, ear cleansing systems gently clean the ear canal without building pressure on your eardrums. When used repeatedly, you can prevent wax buildup.

      When you take care of your eyes and ears regularly, chances are that you can enjoy good sight and hearing for many, many years. Whether you shop online or at the store, choose Sears for an affordable selection of eye and ear care products to maintain your sight and sound.


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