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      Keep your mattress clean with mattress covers and protectors

      When you purchase a new mattress, you want to make sure that you've got everything you need to keep it in the best condition possible. Preventing stains, insect infestations and other damage to the mattress with a mattress pad protector will ensure that your bed will be comfortable and clean for years to come. Just like protective covers can extend the life of your pillows, mattress covers are washable solutions for prolonging the life of your mattress. Sears has a selection of mattress protectors to cover every bed in your home.

      Mattress covers not only protect the mattress from stains and other possible damage, but they may also be beneficial for minimizing allergens that can affect both kids and adults. You can get total protection for your mattress with a reliable mattress pad protector, designed to cover your entire mattress and keep dust, allergens and mites out. You'll sleep easier knowing that the mattress cover is keeping your bed in excellent condition.

      You can find mattress covers in several styles to suit your preferences and in every size to fit your bed. At Sears, you can pick up a mattress protector that's sure to keep your bed comfortable, cozy and clean.


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