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      Mattress Pads & Pillows

      Wake up refreshed after sleeping on mattress pad pillows

      Our collection of mattress pad pillows gives you an added layer of comfort to rest your head upon. The most affordable are polyester pillows from Cannon and Serta with quilted covers similar to a standard mattress pad. They are available in plush, medium and firm levels of support. Perhaps you'd love to indulge in the luxury of down. Sears has cushy down mattress pad pillows from Grand Resort, Sealy and Blueridge in standard, queen and king sizes. While more expensive, memory foam mattress pad pillows offers superior comfort. The space-age foam softens as it warms and gently cradles your head and neck to prevent stiffness and pain in the morning. Support pillows for your back or holding between your knees provide additional comfort throughout the night.

      If you choose a memory foam pillow, you may want to match it with a memory foam mattress pad. Putting a thick one over a firm and supportive innerspring coil mattress gives you the best of both worlds.Memory foam mattress pads from two to four inches thick are available at Sears from favorite brands like Soft Sleeper, Sleep Innovations and Beautyrest. If you currently use a foam mattress, thin gel memory foam mattress pads by Invigo Sports are a hypoallergenic, bacteria-resistant choice. We have fitted memory foam mattress pads and mattress-top pads to fit all mattress sizes and heights.

      When it's time for a new mattress, you'll find the perfect one among our thousands of options. We proudly recommend our high-quality Sears-O-Pedic mattresses that offer affordable luxury including many with pillow tops. Favorites include the Sorano, Livorno and Laurie Chiropractic mattress series from Sears-O-Pedic. Other trusted brands in our collection are Sealy, Serta and Simmons innerspring mattresses in a range of prices and quality levels to match your sleep needs and budget. Searching by bed size, brand or mattress type will lead you to an assortment of great choices.

      Our selection of various mattresses offers you an assortment of standard foam, latex foam and memory foam models. We carry foam mattresses from more than ten brands including Gold Bond, Next-Gel and Select Foam. Standard foam features closed-cell structure that gives firm support. Memory foam uses open-cell design, so the foam compresses more easily and contours to your body. The cradling effect distributes body weight more evenly and reduces stress points and pain in hips and shoulders. Innerspace RV or sleep sofa mattresses, Sleep Master utility foam mattresses and Tempur-Pedic split California king mattresses are among the various mattresses you'll find in this department.

      The right mattress and accessories combine to give you the restful nights you want. You won't find a better selection or lower prices than we have at Sears. Invest in quality sleep and reap the rewards of feeling refreshed and energetic.