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Memory Foam Shop

Experience the comfort of memory foam day and night

Memory foam features open-celled structure that holds its shape when compressed instead of spring back into shape like standard, closed-cell foam. It also softens when it warms, so the combined effect in a memory foam mattress or pillow is that the foam contours to your body and gently cradles it. You'll sleep soundly with less tossing and turning. Sears has a comprehensive collection of memory foam mattresses from leading brands like Tempur-Pedic, Simmons and Serta. Adding a memory foam mattress pad from Sleep Innovations or Contour Cloud to an innerspring mattress gives you a comfortable top over firm, underlying support. Memory foam bed pillows are available in common sizes from Dream Solutions and Grande Resort while sculpted foam pillows for your knees and back are made by Europedic and Remedy. Placing memory foam rugs from Sunham in areas you stand for long periods of time will noticeably reduce soreness in your feet and back.

Poor posture is another source of pain. Back and posture support products include memory foam seat cushions from Contour Products and Care Apparel that encourage good posture while seated at your desk or relaxing in an easy chair. Body Bolster chair cushions from Graham Field support your lower back and shoulders. Back support belts from Proflex and Tectron deliver lumber support and help with lifting. Pregnant moms will appreciate posture support products like the Saunders Stork S'port maternity support belt that distributes support of the extra weight throughout the back and shoulders. Body shapers from Therasage and BodyBoon help you feel your best and look great too. Other posture support products we carry include knee and ankle braces, hernia supports and support shoes and socks.

The mattress department at Sears has a huge selection of mattresses in every size from twin to Cal king. We make it easy for you to shop by mattress size, brand or the level of support you prefer. You can browse innerspring, air and foam mattresses. Your foam mattress types include standard foam that is quite affordable, latex foam that resists allergens and bacteria and memory foam that provides unsurpassed sleep comfort. We have your favorite innerspring brands like Serta, Simmons and Sealy. They make foam mattresses too, and you'll find more from Sleep Innovations, Stearns & Foster and Tempur-Pedic. We proudly offer our own Sears-O-Pedic mattresses, many capped with luxurious pillow toppers.

full bed pads and small accessory cushions can make your time in bed more comfortable. Many of the full mattress cushions available at Sears were developed for use in the medical industry for the comfort of bed-bound patients. Medline, Drive Medical and Sentech Medical Systems produce high-quality mattress cushions that ease discomfort and encourage better rest. Leg rests from Jobri and Complete Medical elevate knees and feet for comfort and healing. The bed wedge pillow from Hudson Medical comes with several extra wedges for adjusting the height of the back support given.

Sleeping, sitting and standing are all more comfortable with our collection of products designed for your wellbeing. The selection is unbeatable, and our prices are always competitive. Improve the quality of your life with sleep and support products from Sears.