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      Bedding Essentials for Style and Comfort

      High-quality bedding is comfortable, stylish and well-coordinated. Most importantly, it enhances a person's ability to get a good night's sleep. Sears carries everything that a person could need to sleep comfortably. Stylish bed essentials from some of today's most trusted brands are available at exceptionally low prices. With perks like that, it's easy to design a well-appointed, stylish bedroom that's a true sleep haven.

      Mattress pads and toppers by Sears enhance the comfort of mattresses and protect them from wear, tear and stains. From Beautyrest foam toppers to waterproof mattress pads, Sears' selection is second to none. High-quality memory foam is also available in many different thicknesses and sizes. When paired with any kind of mattress, these accessories increase the odds of achieving a restful night's sleep. Because Sears only carries high-quality products, they are sure to work perfectly and enhance the comfort of any bedroom.

      Finding the right pillow is a lot easier when there are many options available. Sears' selection of pillows is exceptionally extensive. Pillows stuffed with feathers and down alternatives give sleepers comfortable places to rest their heads. In addition to offering a huge selection of traditional pillows, Sears goes the extra mile with body pillows, eco-friendly pillows and memory foam pillows. The right pillow makes a huge difference.

      One of the simplest ways to add a little personality to a bedroom is by selecting unique and stylish sheets. Sears' sheets and sheet sets come in a broad range of eye-catching styles. They range from basic designs to sumptuous, 1,000-thread-count options. Colormate sheets are especially popular due to their affordable price tags and stunning ranges of colors, styles and patterns. The right sheets can bring the style of a bedroom to a whole new level and provide unbeatable comfort, too.

      By keeping plenty of different throws and blankets on hand, it's a lot easier to achieve the right level of warmth and comfort. Sears offers a broad spectrum of stylish and useful throws and blankets. Embroidered fleece blankets are perfect for adding splashes of extra style to a room, while the softness of chenille blankets is perfect for cool fall evenings. When things get especially chilly, there's nothing quite like a heated micro-plush blanket. By topping all of those options off with a colorful, quilted throw, it's easy to lend a room extra flair.

      Naturally, these items don't clean themselves. Check out Sears' Kenmore washers for a quality machine that will keep your bedding fabrics clean and fresh.

      When it comes to decorating a bedroom, Sears' bed essentials has it all. From behind-the-scenes touches like mattress toppers and pads to the dramatic colors and designs of stylish throw blankets, Sears' selection is out of this world.