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Kids' Bath

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Despicable Me Kid's Hooded Towel Wrap - Minions
After a dip in the pool, or a bath at home, your little one can cuddle up with a few ...
Despicable Me Kid's Hooded Towel Wrap - Minions
After a dip in the pool, or a bath at home, your little one can cuddle up with a few funny friends. This kid's hooded towel wrap features the lovable minions from the Universal Pictures film "Despicable Me 2." With a soft ...

Kids' bath supplies make bath time more enjoyable

Make your child's bath time lots of fun when you invest in colorful kids' bath supplies from Sears. We have hundreds of individual bath items as well as full collections, which include accessories like matching lotion pumps and toothbrush holders. We have Disney bathroom accessories that feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse on towels and soap dispensers, and you can find Angry Birds shower curtains and floor rugs to create a cohesive look in the room. From tub toys to bath towels, fill your child's bathroom with colorful and delightful bathroom accessories from Sears.

Create a Disney theme in your child's bathroom with Minnie Mouse soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. We even have matching shower curtains and trash cans to complete the look. You can also find Spider-Man and Angry Birds toothbrush holders to complement your child's shower and window curtains. Many kids dislike taking baths, but you can enhance their experience with fun bath toys that float and stick to the walls. For your older children, give them body lotion dispensers and scented body spray to use after their bath.

Dry your child off with colorful Mickey Mouse bath towels after they get out of the tub. We also have robes and bath wraps to keep your child warm and snug while lounging. Remove the excess water from your child's hair with a large Angry Birds towel, and use the Hello Kitty hoodie towel wrap to dry and warm your child when exiting the water. Our towel hoodies double as wraps and towels, so your child can dry off with one or wear it when coming out of the bath or the pool.

Getting your child into the bathtub makes up only one part of the nightly process. You also have to get them clean before the water turns cold. Keep your child occupied with Squirt'n Sea Buddies while you use bath sponges to scrub their feet or wash their back. Once bath time is done, place the toys in a Brica Super Scoop bath toy, and dry your child off with a hooded towel. From toys to scrub brushes, we have what you need to clean and entertain your child during bath time.

Decorate your child's bathroom with kids' bath supplies like colorful shower curtains and matching toothbrush holders. Dry your child off and keep them warm with towel hoodies and bath wraps, and scrub between their fingers and toes with soft bath sponges and brushes. Learn even more information about how to make bath time more enjoyable for your child when you shop the Sears online inventory.