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      Candles & Home Fragrance

      Fill your home with fragrance with scented candles

      The smell of a gingerbread candle instantly conjures up memories of festive holidays and family gatherings. A gardenia or jasmine candle evokes images of a tranquil garden or tropical paradise. There's a reason why scented products have such a powerful effect on your mood. More than any other of the five senses, the sense of smell helps you recall memories. The Sears collection of scented candles makes it easy and affordable to lift your mood and to enhance the atmosphere of your home with your favorite fragrance.

      Whether it's a calming lavender candle or one with a refreshing peppermint aroma, candles that emit a fragrance when you burn them can have a positive affect on your energy, mood and performance. Our broad selection of scented candles ensures that you'll find the ideal fragrance to create the kind of atmosphere in your home that fits your personal lifestyle. Enjoy a multi-layered experience with aromatic candles that release different fragrances as they burn down. Once you've discovered your signature scent, take it with you whether you're at home or on the go with the perfect selection from our complete line of fragrances for women and men.

      Trust Sears to offer quality scented candles that burn cleanly and safely. Explore an array of candles made from renewable wax materials like soy and vegetable blends. Find candles engineered to burn cleanly for up to 70 hours or more. Whether it's a candle with a rain forest theme that gently releases layers of gardenia, coconut and lime fragrances over time or it's an aromatic closet freshener to slip into the drawer where you store delicates like bras and panties, our wide range of scented products offers opportunities to enhance the atmosphere of every room in your home with fragrance.

      Our expansive collection also includes a wide range of decorative candleholders to display your scented candles as well as a broad assortment of incense, potpourri products and aromatic room sprays. Consider reed diffusers that slowly draw fragrant oils from ornamental bottles for long-lasting freshness. Mask odors from pets with essential oils infused with your favorite scent. Count on Sears to offer all the items that you need to keep every area in your home smelling fresh and fragrant, from candles designed to radiate a long-lasting aroma around the room to lingerie washing accessories that help eliminate unpleasant odors from intimate clothing.

      Aromatic candles let you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Whether exploring scents associated with soothing and relaxing effects or invigorating scents like sandalwood and ginger, it's fun to discover which scented candle best suits your personality. Fill your home with fragrance with quality products from the Sears collection of scented candles.