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Wall Decor

Showcase your style with artful wall decor

Inject your personality into the living spaces in your home with distinctive wall decor from Sears. Whether it's a grand painting to hang proudly over your mantelpiece, a fanciful clock to add charm to your kitchen or a gallery of posters and prints to grace your staircase, wall decor lets you create a unique home environment that reflects who you are. Explore design options for every wall surface in your home, from a functional wall mirror for a dressing room to cheerful peel-and-stick decals for a nursery. Browse our collection of wall decor and discover new ideas for ways to create an artfully decorated wall.

From a handsome print for your entry way to a corner wall shelf for your kitchen, count on Sears for wall decor solutions for every room in your home. Our collection includes nursery wall decor, so you can decorate that important room in your home with products that add style and functionality to the space. Options include space-saving shelving and charming wall appliques offered by trusted brands like Kowalla, Welland and Essential Home. Whether it's shadow boxes to display cherished mementos safely out of a baby's reach or wall decals of favorite animated characters to delight and charm your little one, wall decor lets you create a safe and fun environment for your bundle of joy.

When it comes to decorating the walls in your home, nothing is quite as striking as a "wallscape" of thoughtfully arranged posters, prints or photographs. Including a few floating shelves or cube sconces in your framed grouping lets you enhance the display with accessories like vases and collectibles. Whether it's an arrangement of black-and-white photography to add drama to a dining room or a nostalgic collection of book illustrations to add charm to nursery decor, it's fun and easy to unleash your creativity with wall decor groupings.

Choosing wall decor with finishes or color palettes that match other accessories in the room is an effective way to add harmony and cohesion to your interiors. Use a colorful wall tapestry to echo a living room's color scheme. Add a few wall decals to toddler furnitureto coordinate with those applied to the wall. Select wall shelves in the same shade as your bedroom flooring. With hundreds of options to choose from, it's easy to find wall decor that will give your living spaces a unified look.

Wall decor lets you create attractive interior views in every room in your home, whether it's a textured wood wall sculpture or a group of strategically placed shelving to display treasured objects. With artful selections from the wall decor collection at Sears, it's fun and easy to transform any wall in your home into a personal style statement.