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      Curtains and drapes create ambiance in your home

      If you're in need of a room refresher, change the color scheme. You can create a whole new feel in a bedroom by upgrading the fabrics like drapes and bedding. Curtains and drapes from Sears include a wide variety of fabrics ranging from sheer to opaque and featuring different colors and patterns so you can find something for every room. Whether it's a small bedroom window or a wide picture window, it's easy to find curtains and drapes for every room in your home.

      Depending on the setup of your living room furniture, you may want blackout curtains to help reduce the glare on your television. Window curtains from Sears come in both sheer and opaque styles so you can control the amount of light in each room. Other options for curtain panels include a wide range of sizes so every window can receive drapes with the perfect fit.

      Get inspired with new drapes for your home. Window curtains can give your home the extra touch it needs to feel complete. Whether you prefer lots of light or more privacy, you'll find the ideal drapes when you shop the selection at Sears.


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