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Accent Tables

Accent tables can give you the perfect amount of space for a small lamp, plant or just a place to set down a book. If you're relaxing and enjoying a movie, snack tables can hold your popcorn and drinks and then fold up and slide underneath your sofa when you're done. A tiered accent table can create a central hub for your telephone or give you a few shelves to hold a variety of items. Sears has a variety of small tables that will add an extra touch of style and function to your rooms.

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Enhance your room's style with accent tables

You need more than just a few large furniture pieces to complete a polished and cohesive look in your spaces. Adding accent tables with the same style as the rest of your furniture will give your rooms just the right atmosphere you're looking to achieve. Whether it's holding the telephone or a few candles and pictures, these tables can add that little splash of color and design that will enhance the overall feel of your rooms. Sears has accent tables in styles ranging from modern to traditional to match any decor.

Telephone tables offer the perfect mix of function and style. They come in a variety of shapes and finishes, but most telephone tables offer two shelves. The top has a drawer underneath that can hold paper for taking notes or menus from your favorite restaurants so you can easily order a quick dinner. Keep phone books on the lower shelf, and you'll be able to keep them out of the way until you need them.

Tiered tables offer a variety of stylistic options. You can place all kinds of decorative accents on the individual shelves. You'll have a great place to display all of your statues that will add an artistic touch to a room. With three shelves of varying size, you can fit figurines of all shapes and sizes to create themed shelves for your different artistic passions.

If you're more interested in a multi-functional table, Sears has practical options for your space. For something you can move around easily, you should look for a table that has casters. Your space can easily be changed up to suit any event or function when you can move your table from place to place. If your living room will be a high-traffic area for a party, wheel the accent table into another room until you're ready to clean up. Tables with casters often have metal frames with wood or glass accents that will create a clean, modern look. Contemporary designs can add a decorative and functional touch to a relaxed apartment space.

Accent tables can be both trendy and functional. Sears has a great selection of accent tables in all styles that will instantly enhance the look of any room.


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