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Bathroom Furniture

Keep your bathroom organized with stylish bathroom furniture

Spruce up your home with beautiful and practical bathroom furniture. Sears has pieces that work seamlessly with your decor and fixtures. Adding a new vanity or hamper can improve the functionality and style of one of your most used rooms. If you're doing a major upgrade, consider new cabinets or shelves to easily organize all the bath items, towels and cleaning supplies so your bathroom isn't cluttered.

A new laundry hamper can create a convenient spot for collecting dirty clothes and towels. This essential piece of bathroom furniture comes in wood or wicker styles and fun pop-up designs that are chic and simple to use. If you want something more elaborate, consider a multi-chamber hamper to sort your items into light and dark loads for easy washing.

Small bathrooms will feel more spacious with the addition of multifunctional, space-saving furniture. If you frequently find yourself competing with your family for time in front of the mirror, a new vanity set can bring order to even the most hectic morning routines. A carefully designed bathroom allows the whole family to enjoy the space equally while getting ready each morning.

Easily match your current style with new bathroom decor in light, dark and metal finishes. You can also add a few pops of color with new pieces to give your bathroom a fresh look. Get started on your redesign with new bathroom furniture from Sears.