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Get comfy with a new headboard

Whether you would like to enhance the style of your bedroom, add a bit more storage space or enjoy a higher level of comfort while relaxing in bed, the right headboard can meet any design goal. Sears offers hundreds of headboards, all designed to add a distinctive accent to the head of your bed. You'll find designs to complement every decorative style and color scheme for all the beds in your home.

Shop an extensive collection of headboards crafted in natural options like solid wood, wicker and rattan. If comfort is your first priority, an upholstered headboard will add a cozy feel with cushioned softness. If you want room to store knick-knacks like clocks and books, pick up a storage headboard with convenient built-in shelves. If you need a new bed frame to complete the look of your new headboard, you can find the perfect fit at Sears.

When it comes to a bedroom's interior design, a headboard provides style solutions by balancing the visual weight of your bed. Whether it is a cushioned headboard that reaches halfway up your bedroom wall or a light and airy metallic design topped with ornamental finials, the right headboard can define and reinforce the room's decorative scheme. For instant style, pair your new headboard with a set of matching bedding. From clean modern lines to cozy rustic charm, decorative bedding collections from Sears make it easy to create a bed that has a coordinated style.

Storage space is a great addition to many headboards. Sears has a number of headboard designs that feature small shelves, drawers and cabinets. That way when you're finished with your book for the evening, you can stow it away and have it right on hand for the next night. These shelves are also the perfect place to put your phone or alarm clock. Having storage space above your head will keep you from having to stumble around in the dark looking for important items.

Find the right option at Sears so your headboard can become more than just a surface to lean on when you are reading or watching television in bed. From headboards that double as storage solutions to those that enhance your bed with style and comfort, the broad selection ensures that you'll find just the right headboard for every bed in your home.

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