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      Make meal times comfortable with great dining room chairs

      Bring out the style potential of your dining room and kitchen with trendy and comfortable chairs. Sears has a variety of chairs and stools that give you different options for filling your dining space. These chairs can help you to accent the look you're trying to create. Whether you want an understated, solid color chair or a chair with an eye-catching pattern, you can find a kitchen chair to match your style.

      The first decision you have to make when picking out your kitchen seating is whether you want bare wooden chairs or those with upholstered cushions. Wooden chairs will give your dining room a minimalist look, and you can add cushions for some extra comfort. Cushioned chairs can be upholstered in either fabric or leather. Fabric-upholstered chairs in bold patterns will add a splash of color to your kitchen, while leather-accented chairs will create a classic look.

      You can find kitchen chairs and seating that fit under a table or countertop of any height. If you have a kitchen island or bar, you'll want to get a set of bar stools so everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy their drinks. When you pick out chairs for your regular dining table, make sure that the seat of the chair is at least 12 inches from the bottom edge of the table top. This way you'll be sure all your guests can sit comfortably.

      For those trying to create a modern looking dining area, choose from a selection of chairs with clean lines and simple, minimalistic designs that put a new spin on the traditional dining set. Their shapes, colors and patterns will give your space a clean, futuristic aesthetic. If you have a conservative paint in neutral colors on your walls, a set of brightly colored plastic chairs can add a contemporary focal point to the room. When paired with a sleek kitchen table you'll have the trendy and modern look you've been envisioning.

      Choose the right kitchen chairs to enhance the look of your dining area and give the entire room one complete look. Sears has a large selection of dining room seating that will give you the ability to create any look you desire. Find the kitchen chairs you need to create your perfect aesthetic.


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