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Bring everyone together around the perfect kitchen table

The kitchen table is a piece of furniture that you'll want to last you a long time. Through countless meals, homework sessions and family game nights, your dinner table will be at the center of all the action. Sears has a full range of dining room tables to choose from that will fit any look you're trying to create in your dining area. With a wide variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, you can create the perfect style for any room.

If you live in a small apartment or simply have a small dining room, you'll want to invest in a round pedestal dining table. A round table will fit in smaller or irregularly shaped spaces, and you can squeeze a few more people around it when you entertain since there are no corners. With a pedestal base, you'll have the maximum amount of leg room for your family or friends. Other space saving items, such as a kitchen cart, will help you to make the most of an apartment or house with smaller kitchen and dining spaces.

If you have a few extra dining spots in your home, specialty tables help you make the most of them. Grab a small bistro table for your patio, so you can sit with your morning coffee or dessert after dinner. It will be the perfect addition to the rest of your patio furniture. For breakfast or group homework sessions, a breakfast nook bundle comes with everything you'll need. Nook bundles typically come with a table and three benches. You can set it up in most corners to create a great casual dining spot. With a few different places to eat, you won't have to set or clean up the main table every time you want a small snack.

If your dining room is long and narrow, you may want a rectangular table. The shape will allow for better flow of traffic in and out of the room. To maximize the space of your rectangular table, it's helpful to place a bench on one side of the table so more people can sit along that side. Then, when the meal is over, you can slide it under the table and out of the way. You can also place cushions on the bench to make it as comfortable as the other seats around the table.

Giving your family and friends a place to gather and eat will make every meal that much more enjoyable. Sears has all the right kitchen table options to help you make the most of your dining spaces.

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