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Home Office Furniture

Transform any room into a study with home office furniture from Sears 

A peaceful workspace is the ideal ambiance to get all your work done. Create an atmosphere to get your juices flowing with new home office furniture from Sears. Whether you're refurbishing an extra room into a study or setting up an office in your basement, the transformation is easy with the latest office furniture. Start with a desk and chair so you can work comfortably every day. Then, look for storage cabinets and dresses to organize all your files and supplies. 

Home office furniture is not only durable, but many options are also very versatile. For instance, a desk is can be used as a workstation away from your cubicle, but it also can be a spot for the kids to do homework and school projects. Office furniture can also keep everything in order. Bookcases and decorative shelving serve as great storage options for books, documents and anything else that needs to be organized. 

Aside from desks and storage solutions, there are many other vital pieces that belong in your home office. The right chair is an absolute must so you can work comfortably while on the computer. Rolling around in your chair can cause marks on carpeting or wood flooring. Consider mats to keep your floor as spotless as possible. Whether you're working from home or just setting up a personal study, Sears carries all the home office furniture you need.